Message from Ken Geeslin

RUN-OFF  ELECTION  (May 19-23 & May 27)       

VOTE!!!!   Let’s keep the integrity in Government”

I’m in a runoff election on May 27th and need your support to continue the progress we have made here in Precinct 4 over the past 3 years. In case you have not followed the accomplishments made, I have added two (2) new tabs “Did You Know“, so you can see some of them covered by the press and “Gallery” showing a few pictures of the Precinct 4 progress! If you are not sure where to vote in Precinct 4, here is a list of the Voting Locations and there address and Google Map.

As your Commissioner, I have dedicated myself to reducing government spending!  Leveraging my experience as a successful corporate executive in searching for ways to make government run more efficiently.  I have gone beyond the duties of my job in being proactively involved  with the Henderson County Library Board, County Fair Park Complex (achieving hotel/motel tax) and Emergency Service Districts to insure their success in meeting the needs of the residents of Henderson County. I serve on the Henderson County Information Technology Committee where my technology background has lead to saving the county thousands of dollars and finding productivity efficiencies. In addition, I am actively involved with the City Councils of Berryville, Coffee City, Poynor and several POAs.

Key accomplishments over the past 3 years:        

  • 50 miles of road upgrades and 30 miles scheduled for 2014 and even more in 2015
  • Rights of Way Upgrades (3000 feet of culverts installed & hundreds of trees removed)
  • Reduced weather related callouts by 65% due to Right of Way maintenance programs
  • Developed & Implemented a Total Recycling program
  • Upgraded trash facilities (resolving ROW & Safety issues)
  • Lead county solid waste efficiencies to cash flow neutral in 2013, for the first time in 10 years
  • Implemented a road management & tracking system, which is now being adopted by the other 3 Precincts
  • Developed and initiated a Road Sign upgrade program (60% complete)
  • Utilized State & Federal Surplus Programs to acquire needed equipment at very low cost
  • Upgraded County Phone System with cost saving of $600,000
  • Wrote ROW & Cattle Guard Policies – standardized for Henderson County
  • Re-negotiated several contracts saving thousands of dollars
  • Judicial software package planning, review & selection – (Required)
  • Launched new Website to drive transparency and attract new businesses to the County
  • Kicked off CETRZ (County Energy Transportation Reinvestment Zone) Grant process to help with road damages caused by oil & gas exploration
  • Accomplished efficiencies in County Government to avert tax increases
  • Designed the Henderson County Official Seal, adopted 2013
  • Please visit for more transparency

Together, we have fought to make Henderson County one of the most fiscally responsible/accountable counties in Texas and now we must take the battle to the early voting polls on May 19th -23rd.” 

Strong family values….. devoted husband, father and grandfather

Successful Corporate Executive

Demonstrated record of delivering successful results

Believe in the constitutional right of private property

Retired U.S. Military